These courses are part of the post-graduate lectures on wireless networks provided by the Department of Communications Engineering of the University of Oulu.


Advanced Routing & Network Coding

- Introduction: Network Coding for the Internet and Wireless Networks
- Maximizing Throughput
- Single-Session Network Coding
- The Unicast Case: MinCut Bound, Menger?s Theorem, and Path Packing
- The Broadcast Case: Edmonds' Theorem and Spanning Tree Packing
- The Multicast Case: Steiner Tree Packing and Non-Achievability of MinCut Bound
- Alswede et al.'s Theorem, Multicast Capacity
- Minimizing Energy per Bit
- Minimizing Delay
- Applicability to Real Networks: Theory vs. Practice
- Practical Network Coding
- Local and Global Encoding Vectors, Decoding
- Random Encoding and Inevitability
- Packet Tagging
- Buffering and Generations
- Earliest Decoding
- Applications
- File Download
- Video on Demand, Live Media Broadcast, Game Spectating, and Instant Messaging
- Distributed Storage
- Wireless Mesh Networks
- Sensor Networks
- Advanced topics
- Security
- Resource Optimization
- Multi-session Network Coding
- Joint Network Coding and Distributed Source Coding
- Joint Network Coding and Channel Coding


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